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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 20, 2011 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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deadly weather, in pittsburgh, three people are dead in flash flooding that leaves waters up to six feet deep. and in wisconsin an apparent tornado leaves one person dead and thousands without power. we'll have the latest. gadhafi cornered. anti-government forces have moved to within 30 miles of the libyan capital tripoli. could this be the beginning of the end for libyan leader moammar gadhafi. the west memphis three, in prizfor 18 years for killing three cub scouts. now they're freed after being
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cleared by dna. justice served or justice denied. the question remains who killed those boys? the reality wedding, kim kardashian's big day. the buzz is one of her bridesmaids could become bigger than pippa, "early" this saturday morning, august 20th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> and good morning on a crystal clear saturday morning here in new york city, welcome to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell. >> i'm rebecca jarvis by the way it wasn't crystal clear all morning long, it started out foggy. hopefully thing will clear up. the so-called west memphis three released after 18 years in prison. >> strange story and different turn in all of this we want to report. we begin with breaking news,
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four people are dead after extremely dangerous weather from pennsylvania to wisconsin. cbs news correspondent dave bradley reports. >> reporter: the sudden storm dumped just over two inches of rain over an hour. suddenly in the highland park section of pittsburgh in the middle of the afternoon water started rising. within minutes washington boulevard was a nine-foot deep raging river, a river with 18 cars in it. >> water was rushing so fast, it just dragged me right out. i hung onto a red truck and my daughter got taken because it totally submerged. >> water started coming in my doors and that's when i knew i was in trouble. 911 said try to swim for it. by the time i got out of the car it was well over my head. >> reporter: in wisconsin high winds lifted a trailer from its moors and dropping it on top of a man who had been working on it.
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>> he was doing a good deed, he was helping my dad. sad thing. >> reporter: the national weather center said the storm was probably a tornado. they'll have to verify that today. dave bradley, cbs news, new york. >> now here's russ. time may be running out for moammar gadhafi. six months after the revolt against gadhafi began his grip on power seems to be slipping. brega in the east and zawiyah in the west have been captured. alex crawford is in zawiyah. >> reporter: this was a battle they couldn't afford to lose. they brought everything out to try to finish the job. street by street, inch by inch they pushed forward. to force gadhafi's men into
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retreat, off your guard for a second and you were a sniper's target. they have lit some fires to try to create a smoke screen so the snipers don't know what to shoot at and now they're trying to draw them off so they can move into the square. it's taking a lot longer than they thought, though. with the hours passing, frustration forced the pace and the rebels pushed forward from a number of different directions. the gadhafi men were outnumbered and outmaneuvered and their wounded were abandoned as they fled. the green flags favored by the gadhafi regime were torn down. they will be on their guard for any gadhafi retaliation now but the aim is to push on to tripoli. they faced a weakened gadhafi military this time in zawiyah. it may not be the same on the t road into the capital.
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alex crawford, sky news for cbs news in zawiyah. >> we'll look at what's next in libya. colonel, good morning to you. >> russ, good morning to you. >> let's talk about what's going on in northern libya. what else is happening? >> what's going on the rebels have been steadily advancing from the west as we suggested here a moment ago, controlling the critical town of zawiyah, providing an access road for ga zafie to leave the country or supplies to arrive from tunisia. also the road allows egress into nigeria or chad. they're also making steady progress from the west from brega. >> why do you think they're making steady progress? >> probably because gadhafi dporss are weakening, losing support, not access to large scale supplies in terms of ammunition. there have been reports of
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forces defecting. we have him isolated by land by the rebels, offshore of course a large scale naval flotilla which prevents other large scale supplies from arriving. >> tripoli 30 miles away from zawiyah. what is preventing the rebels from going in there right now? >> they have a mass combat power to doing that. getting to tripoli is one thing. taking to tripoli is another thing totally. this is a city of 1 million people. we get into house to house fighting, use of nato air support will become at best problematical. the rebels want to mass more forces, supplies and ammunition before they begin the last big push on the city. >> we heard reports as early as last week gadhafi may be getting out of town, there was a plane to take him out, that didn't happen. the reports are intensifying now. there are reports as the rebels get closer gadhafi's troops may start shooting civilians. >> certainly that's the case in
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the past. that's why the icc indicted gadhafi answer his son as war criminals. there's a possibility this could be the last stand for gadhafi. will he flee the country? many people believe his own advisers said who defected he's a megalomaniac, paranoia, will he stand? >> many are saying gadhafi must go. is this a question be careful what you wish for? the rebels are all over the place. what happens if he leaves? >> the end game is messy. we have three military operations going on, one in the west, one in the central part of the country and one in the eastern part of the country. these rebel forces are largely divided. we've seen cases in the last few weeks they killed one of their principal general officers, general younus. will they be able to maintain unity or in-fighting amongst rebel groups. >> these next few days seem to
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be critical. >> without a doubt. >> general, thank you so much. it is seven minutes past the hour. here's rebecca. it was another brutal week on wall street. yesterday the dow lost 172 points, that came after a more than 400-point drop on thursday, and to put it into context, since july 21st, the dow is now down 15%, global stocks around the world are falling on fears of a possible recession and europe's debt problems so how long will this stunning volatility continue? joining to us discuss that subject is "wall street journal" markets columnist kelly evans. great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> that's the question on everyone's mind. when does the volatility mind? >> i wish i had an answer but the answer is as volatile as the weather. certainly when people are looking at their 401(k)s thinking about retirement, there's huge uncertainty clouding that. that's understandable but we can't get used to the idea that
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there will always have a period of where the market's doing well and we have to understand what's driving the economy and it's not a soft patch. there's not just, it's not temporary factors, it's not japan. really the problem is we're still working through some of the problems we've had building up to the 2008 financial crisis and so we're looking at lower growth potential, demographic reasons why the economy is not growing as strongly as it once was and we have the de-leveraging debt shedding process. it started to happen on the private side and now the public has the huge debt burden. rapid economic growth is one way to get out of this and unfortunately we're not seeing that right now. >> it's hard to grow rapidly when you have the burden of debt hanging over you like so many governments do. a lot of americans looked at their retirement accounts this week and we looked at three of the biggest mutual funds that let people invest in stocks. they were down since the beginning of this month between 12% and 13%. what do people do with their
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money right now? that is the question on so many people's minds because retirement savings they've watched them plummet. >> there's a behavioral psychology, dan arielli, said in 2008 the financial crisis then he'd purposely lock himself out of his retirement account where he couldn't check that. it's difficult when you see the losses no the to panic and sell and get out of the market. there are always opportunities, we hear strategists on wall street talking about looking for value in some of the big stable blue chip companies that pay dividend yields. at this point given what's happened in the markets is above safe haven u.s. treasuries but considered a relatively safe place to be so it's hard to sort of fight that panic mentality. i will say one of the reasons things have been so striking lately is how much retail investors, institutional investors have flocked to cash. that doesn't help growth prospects, so that's sort of the unfortunate downward spiral you can get is where people move to cash that undercuts growth
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prospects further and makes things worse. that's one of the problems we're facing. >> at the heart of this risk aversion is a consumer whose confidence is eroding. what brings that back? >> it's hard to tell. you can understand why people's confidence is so weak. unemployment is very high and there's no real prospect it's going to come down quickly. there's a crisis of confidence in leadership. people don't look to policymakers and whether it's the federal reserve or the government right now and say there's something that they can do to come in and save us and turn things around and so i don't think the campaign season is really going to foster suddenly some renewed confidence in that leadership so it's really going to take stronger growth prospects, maybe we can get some of that coming again from other places worldwide but we've seen economist catching up to what the market has been telling us and it may be a period where people realize there is going to be a long side. >> kelly evans thanks so much, great insight. here's russ. >> rebecca, thank you. the major republican
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presidential hopefuls continue to take aim at presidentby ma, blaming him for the economy. rick perry will be back on the campaign in south carolina today. cbs news correspondent wyatt andrews in martha's vineyard, massachusetts, where the president and his family are vacationing. >> reporter: president obama might be on vacation but the top republican candidates to replace him are sharply focused on the claim that they would be better at mr. obama at creating jobs. just one week ago in the iowa straw poll the republican candidates were competing against each other but after a week of bad economic news, declining stock prices and unemployment numbers, the president called a crisis, republicans took the hint and honed in on the president's record. >> president obama's policies increased unemployment, exploded the debt, it led to the first downgrade in the credit of the united states in history. >> reporter: texas governor rick
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perry and representative abouting become both campaigned in south carolina, but avoided any mention of the other, and blamed the country's economic woes on the president. >> we made it through the depression without losing our credit rating. we made it through world war ii without losing the credit rating but we haven't been able to make it through barack obama without losing the credit rating. >> reporter: perry is also pushing his claim that he created jobs in texas by keeping taxes low and regulations to a minimum. >> we freed small businessmen and women to go out and create the jobs that in turn create the wealth. >> reporter: but on the jobs issue, perry's competition is mitt romney, who says in his latest ad that his private business experience gives him the edge, in creating jobs. >> i understand how the economy works and i've got to bring that expertise to get this economy going again. >> reporter: the president reveals some of his ideas in his upcoming plan for job creation. >> we can pass a road
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construction bill so construction cruise who are sitting idle can head back to the work site rebuilding roads and brinlz and airports. brave americans returning from iraq and afghanistan, let's connect them with businesses who could use their skills. >> reporter: the president's approval rating on the economy sunk to 26%, barely a quarter of the country, but you wouldn't have known that yesterday when the president and his daughters made a. surprise visit to a book store barely a block from here. the crowd was enthusiastic, happy to see him. we even heard chants of "four more years" so russ, he is in massachusetts but seems to be well liked here in martha's vineyard. >> wyatt andrew, thank you so much. president obama may be on vacation but the campaign continues and for that let's turn to margaret hoover and john avalon, margaret is a republican commentator, author of "american individualism, how a new generation of conservatives can
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save the republican party" and john is editor of the daily beast and they are husband and wife, on to the topic du jour, john, rick perry came out swinging against the president and against our fed chair. >> he did and i don't know that's the best launch strategy for rick perry. the irresponsible statements can play really well with the base but cryptonite to the general electorate. its >> margaret a lot of people are comparing him to george bush. is he going to have a tough time attracting independents and conservative democrats? >> rick perry certainly is, embodies that texas swagger that i'm not so sure americans are ready to see back in the oval office. the thing about rick perry as
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well, these colorful statements work fine in the primary but that is exactly who the white house wants to run again because the more gaffes and colorful language that can take away from the story of president obama's failing economy, the better off the white house does. >> george bush looks like abraham lincoln compared to the whole crowd. >> this is one of the issues john, you mobilize the gop base and for the general election you have to take this serious left turn in order to get some of the independents and that's going to be a major issue for some of the front-runners in the campaign. >> that is a fundamental problem with the republican party that moved from center right to far light. independent voters are 40% of the electorate, the largest and fastest growing segment. this isn't just some demographic. this is the heartland so this is the problem. the more parties become polarized and the primary process forces candidate tops pander to the outer reaches of the politics you have a tough time pandering to the election.
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>> do do you everything you can do to distance yourself from george bush? >> this election is not going to be about george bush. it's not about george bush. i just think the texas swagger is not going to play anything in the general election. i think, too, what rick perry represented was wanting in the republican field and there still remains even though he's in an enormous amount of republican donor republican and establishment on the sidelines. >> who would the white house not want to run against? >> genuinely i believe somebody like who would put forth strong economic policies, alternative pro-growth message, like paul ryon, who hasn't been able to take on the sacred cows in washington, to connect to the younger generation, somebody like paul ryan they'd be more afraid of running against like chris christie.
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>> are you saying he might be running? >> i think he's considering it in. >> i think a perry/bachmann ticket would be a dream team. the far right would get what they'd wanted, ideological purity and the white house would get a real hard time getting to centrist support. >> are you going to be holding hands? elaine quijano is at the news desk with the rest of the morning headlines. >> good morning to you at home. nearly 1,000 survivors and relatives of the norway massacre return to the island in an effort to remember the 69 people who lost their lives a month ago. the vigil was accompanied by police and medical staff during the remembrance. anders breivik admitted to the killings as well as the bombing in oslo that claimed the lives.
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at least three people were injured in gaza, the attack is the latest on the sinai peninsu peninsula. the india's past some are calling him the new gandhi. larry miller has the story. >> reporter: following in the footsteps of mahatma gandhi, anna hazare is on the fifth day of a hunger strike to bring change to india. india is mired in a number of multibillion-dollar corruption scandals. the 74-year-old hazare demands a watchdog with teeth who can
8:20 am
prosecute anyone. he was arrested last week for planning a protest without approval. he was released within hours but refused to leave or eat until police caved into his demand for a hunger strike in a new delhi park with room for 25,000 supporters. he calls his protest a revolution and it includes the middle class, sick of a riddled culture. in solidarity sandwich delivery men went on strike saying if hazare won't eat no, one else does either. his hunger strike demands were met, thousands greeted him as he left jail for the park. like gandhi, hazare is using a hunger strike to call attention to a political issue, gandhi, though, was assassinated in the midst of his protest. larry miller, cbs news, london. the stage collapse at the
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indiana state fair has claimed another life. 22-year-old college senior jennifer haskell died friday from head injuries when a strong wind knocked over the stage friday. also friday the first lawsuits were filed seeking tens of millions of dollars. president obama is calling on members of congress to put aside their differences and work together to put people back to work. and in an interview with cbs news, senior business correspondent anthony mason that will air on "cbs sunday morning" the president says the u.s. is not really in danger of recession. he says americans are more confident about the future than the power brokers in washington and stockbrokers in new york. >> there's an incredible resilience of strength out here that i think folks in washington need to pay more attention to. when you come out here you're a lot more optimistic about the country than you are when you're listening to some of the prattle that we hear in washington.
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>> you can see anthony mason's entire interview with president obama come row on "cbs sunday morning" at 9:00 eastern on cbs. it's about 21 minutes after the hour. here's lonnie quinn with our first check of the weather. good morning, lonnie. >> good morning to you, elaine, good morning to you everybody. the northeast catches a break today, a lot of rain yesterday. today this is your good day this weekend, more rain in store for you on sunday and more rain is something that's not needed. here is the storm in the mid section of the country, that comes to the northeast tomorrow. look at the numbers right now, here is how it stacks up. august 14th, it was on sunday, lido beach, new york, picked up almost 11 inches of rain. three inches of rain all at once and if new york city picks up almost an inch and a half of rain will you set a record for the wettest august in
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>> all right, everybody, wherever you are today you make it a great day and speaking of all the rain in new york city did you get caught in it yesterday? >> completely. we're setting records all the time. thank you so much. anyone who relies on prescription drugs will want to listen to this, the food and drug administration says hospitals are running out of vital drugs needed to treat several life-threatening illnesses, what you need to know to make sure you get the medications that you need. getting ripped off with gasoline and dents. to saveav big bucks the next time you rent a car. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. we can fix these problems. >> taking stock, we talk with president barack obama, this
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"sunday morning. " ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the so-called west memphis three of out of prison this morning. nearly two decades ago they were convicted of killing three cub scouts. erin,,,,,,,,
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a carroll county woman's husband stabbed her outside of their westminster home in broad daylight, then, he turned the violence on himself in front of the couple's 13-year-old son. the son is now staying with family members police are trying to determine a motive. severe storms slam maryland for the second night in a row. you can see this storm split this tree down to trunk. these are from a viewer in carney. the roads look more like rivers. the baltimore county fire
8:28 am
department was forced to close several roads. >> bwi is one of the fastest in the country when it.s cogetting through security lines. it takes five minutes for the average passenger to get through. that puts bwi at a tie for the shortest weight time. we'll look at the forecast. 88 degrees today, partly sunny and warm and humid. then, tonight, 70 degrees and partly cloudy. tomorrow, look for 90 degrees and partly sunny with a couple of thunderstorms. that's the report, i'm gigi barnett, thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. ,,,,,,
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central park south, i think? southwest? >> i can't tell. >> it's going to be a nice day in new york, the fog will list. >> go away fog. >> we don't like you. welcome back to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. health providers are fighting an unexpected battle these days. the food and drug administration says they are running out of drugs for everything from cancer treatment to surgery medications to anesthesia, and a so-called raid market is popping up, raising prices more than 600%. advice to make sure you get the medications you need and get them at affordable prices. renting a car can turn into
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a costly nightmare, not only are there unexpected fees but should you get the prepaid gas option? what about the collision insurance? answers that could help you save big bucks. first almost two decades in prison, so the called west memphis three are free this morning, convicted in the brutal murder of three cub scouts in arkansas in 199. over the years doubts emerged about their guilt and several celebrities pushed to have them set free. "48 hours" correspondent erin moriarty follows us this morning. >> i'm still in shock, russ. i have been covering this case for as russ said four years and always believed these men would eventually get out of prison but not quite like this. >> i did not want to take the deal from the get-go, however, they're trying to -- >> reporter: jason baldwin almost turned down the deal that freed him and two others from prison yesterday, but it wasn't
8:32 am
just about him. the highly unusual plea agreement meant that his friend, damien echols on death row for 17 years, would get his life back. >> still very much in shock, still overwhelmed. >> reporter: known as the west memphis three, echols, baldwin and jesse misskelley were teenaged in 1994 when they were convicted of killing three boys, stevie branch, christopher byers and michael moore. investigators in this rural community believed that the teenagers who wore black and listened to heavy metal music killed the children as part of a satanic ritual. in recent years dna evidence has been recovered at the scene, none of it linking the accused to the crime. their freedom comes at a high price, under the agreement, known as an alfer plea, the men
8:33 am
say who still say they are innocent had to plead guilty to murder. >> the only thing safe is to say we'll let you go only if you admit guilt and that's not justice no matter how you look at it. >> the family of the victim's reaction to the outcome has been mixed. one father, mark byers voiced his support for releasing the men, thinks they're innocent, another had to be removed from the court after an outburst. >> let me ask you again why would the prosecution agree to a deal? >> i see this as a face saving move. even the prosecuting attorney admitted yesterday these guys were eventually going to get a trial, might have taken two years but they were going to, and there is no evidence to tie them to it anymore. this way they get their guilty pleas, they look good and these guys get out. it's not a perfect -- you're going to talk to steve braga, not a perfect deal. >> thanks a lot.
8:34 am
joining us from memphis, tennessee, steven braga, attorney for damien echols. >> good morning, great to be with you. >> last night was your client's first night of freedom after 18 years. how did he spend it? >> it was unbelievable, a celebration in memories, all of his supporters who came to court and it was as if you could see two little 5-year-old kids at their first christmas, trying food they had never seen before, fascinated by a cell phone, more fascinated by an iphone and the idea you could take pictures with an iphone totally wlu them away. >> what was your client's reaction when you told them you were going to go home? >> total shock. it happened so quickly, we reached a point with the prosecution where we thought negotiations would be productive. they were but it took less than two and a half weeks to get the deal done so everybody was in shock.
8:35 am
>> what an unusual case, what an unusual deal here to get them free. was it tough to convince your client and the others to plead guilty for something they say they didn't do? >> it was, it's logically tough for the reasons erin described and you applied with your question. the way the deal was circulated we initiated it on behalf of damien. his decision was easier because he was under threat of execution, living in solitary confinement on death row. his decision was pretty easy. jason baldwin is the young man who is the hero today. he had a difficult decision to make. he wanted to fight to the end to get found innocent in court, but he recognized that if he took the deal he could free jesse and damien and himself, but more importantly save damien's life. >> from your client's point of view what was the turning point after all these years? >> i think there were three turning points that helped make this resolution possible, three new things. a lot of new evidence, dna
8:36 am
evidence described in the earlier report by erin, new witnesses, different things coming to fore. a new hearing, the arkansas supreme court gave these young men a new hearing last november in a ruling unprecedented and that hearing was coming up in december so there was some pressure there, and perhaps most importantly a new judge. the trial judge who had been on the case for 17 years was elected to the state senate, a new judge, david laser, was appointed, brought a fresh perspective to the whole case. >> what does your client think, what does he want to say to the people in the community who still believe he and the other two still killed these boys? >> well, they're wrong. he's absolutely innocent, and the boys and their lawyers and their supporters will continue to look for that piece of evidence that nobody could refute. we'll find it someday whether it's a deathbed confession, somebody comes forward or some actual incull patory dna of the
8:37 am
real killer. >> we thank you, joining from us memphis, tennessee. >> thank you. it's about 24 minutes before the hour. lonnie quinn is here with another check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning to you, russ, good morning. let's get to the weather headlines. i start off outside the u.s. tropical storm harvey will be hitting belize later today. closer to home, strong storms in the mid section of the country. it is steamy in the southern plains. just how steamy, we will be talking about temperatures into the triple digits. oklahoma city, shreveport, dallas. we are back to that big dome of heat, the heat bubble that big long consecutive string of days like 40 to 50 days of 100 degree temperatu temperatures, broken. the heat alerts are in effect and in terms of tropical storm harvey, there he is right there, pushing ashore around belize. the tropical storm big threat is going to be rain, a lot of rain, winds around 60 miles per hour. that rain pushes over
8:38 am
mountainous territories. the danger is landslides. that's a quick look at the national and international picture. here is a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> all right, everybody, make it a great saturday. rebecca over to you. up next, anyone who takes prescription medication should listen up, hospitals are running out of these drugs, dr. jennifer ashton will be joining us with advice on how to find the ones that you nd. this is "the early show" on cbs. special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber,
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its added natural cleaning boosters help get your whole family's wash incredibly clean. tough on stains. gentle on skin. new all free clear oxi-active. on this morning's "healthwatch" prescription drug shortages. the food and drug administration says hospitals are running out of many drugs including popular cancer fighting medications such as doxil and other medications. some medications are marked up more than 600%.
8:42 am
here with more is "early show" medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. >> good morning. >> we know medication prices are expensive even in the best of times. >> this is on the front page of the "new york times" today and we will be hearing more about it. usually when you talk about shortages it's one of two things, supply or demand. in this case it's supply. the majority of these drug shortages really arrives from one of a couple of possible reasons. one of them is low capacity with the manufacturing process. a lot of these companies, a lot of the drugs are made in companies or factories that don't have the capacity to make more. a large percentage of problems come inspectors, the companies or governments inspecting the production process finds contamination in the medications, they are more complicated to make, a lot come from ingredients we have to import from other countries, and
8:43 am
contamination is a problem and lastly, some of them are generic, very low profit margin and as you speak of all the time there is no financial incentive for some of the companies to keep manufacturing the drugs because now they are so inexpensive. >> which is troubling because of how much people rely on the drugs. what do you say in terms of tips people can rely on? >> we're talking about a lot of types of medications, anything from chemotherapy to drugs we use in the intensive care unit for critically ill patients, in some cases steroids, antibiotics. we're not talking for the most part about drugs you would fill in your pharmacy, we're talking about drugs used in hospital settings for the sickest patients. >> either going to save a life or not. >> that's correct. so a couple of things that patients may be able to do especially if they're in an elective situation. number one call ahead to your doctor or hospital and find out if the drug that you're supposed
8:44 am
to get or the sequence of drugs is in fact available. secondly, you always want to ask your doctor if there are options or alternatives. sometimes there are, sometimes there are not and lastly, if you're going in for an elective treatment and there is a supply problem, ask if you have some latitude about whether that treatment can be rescheduled. again, in some emergency settings, icu settings there are no options but if you're talking about an elective therapy oftentimes that treatment can be rescheduled. it might not be ideal but it's a possibility. >> sometimes the sad truth here is money talks and we're hearing about this gray market, the 600% inflated prices doesn't sound legal, but can it save a life? if you could gather the money, could you find the drug you need? >> well we try to discourage people from doing that. you don't know if the medication is counterfeit, contaminated, handled or stored improperly. in large measure those gray
8:45 am
market dealings are probably legal, they're also probably sleazy and they may be dangerous. so again, as long as the person selling the medication to this middleman can attest to the fact that those drugs have been purchased properly, it is legal. we're probably going to be seeing more and more of this. this is an emerging crisis. the fda and congress are looking at it. >> we're so glad to have you to help uts throus through it. >> doctors and patients and hospitals alike. >> for more on the impact of the shortage go to and search "drug shortage." coming up next, it can make you angry before you even get behind the wheel. how to stay calm and beat the high cost of renting a car, where you put your signature is very important. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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8:49 am
>> i got 100 cards, pick a card, which ever one, i don't care. >> sir if you had read the rental agreement. >> did you see the size of that document, like the declaration of independence. whoa is going to read that? >> it is true and the fees could turn your trip into a costly nightmare. what's the deal? here to help us navigate the rental car extras that is mark carwahl, editor of "travel and leisure" magazine. >> thanks for having me. >> are they personally nickel and diming us to death? >> a lot of the things we get charged for are out of the rental car company's control, airport and car taxes, concession fees. a lot of this is indicative of the cost of the rental car so you're going to get socked. >> let's talk about the rental car agreement jerry was talking about. >> this is longer than the
8:50 am
declaration of independence and i'm one of the fee people that gets a kick out of reading them. you are reliant on the person behind the counter to explain to you. who is going to spend an hour reading this. you are talking about a lot of money involved here. >> let's talk about some of the things we have control. rental insurance should you always take it or decline? >> there's no always involved. your own personal situation. if you have a car and personal car insurance the chances are good you have a clause that covers you if you rent a car. talk to your car insurer. if you do have unlike what jerry was saying a premium level card, a gold card or a platinum charge card, those will often cover you as well, check with your card iss issuer. it could be $20 or more a day. >> there's no minimum amount of insurance, check with your card company. >> if you're covered, then you're covered. you don't need to buy extra. >> they're offering you all
8:51 am
these things, for 50 cents more. are they pressured to do these things in. >> you get the high pressure sell. they can sometimes scare you into buying things you don't need so be aware of that. >> i love the prepaid gas option, are you going to sign up now or bring it back and pay 900 bucks a gallon. >> you love hating it i hope. you always want to decline the prepaid gas option. basically they're selling you the tank of gas in the car when you rent it and they say just bring it back on empty. it's impossible unless you coast in on fumes you have some gas in that tank. at four bucks a gallon you're giving that gas back to them as a gift. i'm not that generous. fill it up yourself. >> what company charges $9 a gallon? >> they can charge whatever they want. if you don't bring it back with a full tank of gas they fill it up and charge you nine bucks a gallon. stop by a gas station two or three miles away from the airport, not right next to the airport, it's higher there, fill
8:52 am
it up and save yourself the money. >> the damage they make you sign. >> walk around the car, any dings, scratches, mark in the tail light. i take a picture. this is my blackberry, take a picture of all four sides of the car before you leave and also when you drop it off to make sure you have proof that if the car gets damaged after you drop it off, nobody can say you did it. you've got photographic proof. you got to watch out for yourself, russ, bottom line here. >> nine bucks a gallon. >> too much. >> we appreciate your advice as always. >> thanks. >> for more on how to avoid rental car fees going to cbsmoneywatch.c later how to save $100 a month keeping your food fresher longer, saving you all kinds of money this morning. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hat feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms...
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welcome back to "the early show." we've been taking a look at the biggest trend "the buzz." you know everything about 3-d movies, the rage among blockbusters. have you heard of 4-d yet, the new generation of "spy kids" to change everything with the 4-d variety. we'll not give everything away. you have to pay attention and listen in on the segment and smell in a little bit on the segment. >> that's just ahead. i'm also going to say this, with
8:57 am
the new technology, i see the next generation of "chef on a shoestring." >> people would probably like to do that. if only they could eat it. >> that's true. ,,ur local news is next for some a carroll county woman's husband stabbed her outside of their westminster home in broad daylight, then, he turned the violence on himself in front of the couple's 13-year-old son. the son is now staying with family members police are trying to determine a motive. severe storms slam maryland for the second night in a row. you can see this storm split this tree down to trunk. these are from a viewer in carney. the roads look more like rivers. the baltimore county fire department was forced to close
8:58 am
several roads. >> bwi is one of the fastest in the country when it.s cogetting through security lines. it takes five minutes for the average passenger to get through. that puts bwi at a tie for the shortest weight time. we'll look at the forecast. 88 degrees today, partly sunny and warm and humid. then, tonight, 70 degrees and partly cloudy. tomorrow, look for 90 degrees and partly sunny with a couple of thunderstorms. that's the report, i'm gigi barnett, thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪
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9:00 am
welcome to "the early show" on a very nice august saturday here in new york city. i'm russ mitchell. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. we keep going back and forth. is it nice, is it foggy? >> it's nice. coming up americans waste more than $100 in food, that's a lot of cash. with food prices going up you can't afford to throw anything away. we have great tips on how to keep your food fresher much longer. maybe you heard about the famous family, the kardashians are burning up the web, she's getting married later today.
9:01 am
one of her bridesmaids could possibly even steal the spotlight. we'll look at the bridesmaid the internet is buzzing about. maybe she's going to replace kate middleton's sister pippa. >> some say this is america's royal wedding. >> what does that say about america? >> i'm not going there. i heard that and thought it was interesting. first up this hour, president obama may be on vacation but no rest for the race in the white house. today is another budsy day for presidential candidate rick perry. perry and his republican rivals blast blasted president obama on the economy. wyatt andrews, what's going on today? >> reporter: put your money on golf today, the president took his first full day of vacation yesterday and to the delight of a surprised crowd here in the
9:02 am
vineyard here in the hamlin -- the vineyard haven is the name of the venue where he went to, a book store, a spontaneous visit, even though the president's approval rate something 26%, a historically low number, the crowd seemed to be delighted, some people chanted "four more years, four more years." the president's top republican opponents noting the 26% approval rating on the economy began to sharpen their message on the issue of jobs. rick perry's claim is that his ten years as texas governor he created jobs in texas by keeping taxes low. mitt romney on the other hand says that his 25 years in private business qualifies him to manage the economy overall. for the next seven days the president has no public events on his calendar, not even one, but he does get his national security briefing every day,
9:03 am
russ, and we're told he is closely watching what's going on in syria, but especially what's happening with moammar gadhafi in libya. >> wyatt andrews in massachusetts, looks like it will be a nice day weather wise, we appreciate it. let's go to elaine quijano at the news desk with more of this morning's headlines. >> good morning again, guys. libyan rebels claim complete control of strategic oil terminals in the eastern town of brega this morning. rebel forces have been fiercely fighting for control of the town for more than a week, they captured the city to move on to tripoli. this morning's front page of the government-run newspaper in syria is condemning calls for assad to step down. assad has been ignoring international pressure to stop his violent crackdown on pro-democracy syrian its. at least 29 people were killed friday after massive demonstrations. pro-democracy activists say
9:04 am
2,000 people have been killed in the five-month revolt against assad. investigators today are returning to a remote section of eastern nevada looking for susan powell, a utah woman has been missing for two years. they won't say why they've reopened the case except it's based on evidence obtained through a search warrant. chris jones of kutv reports. >> reporter: susan powell, mother of two boys was last seen in her home in west valley city, utah, december 6th, 2009. on friday detectives searched nevada's rugged desert some 200 miles from her home. >> what specifically we are looking for obviously that's a detailed specific to the investigation. >> reporter: with the media invited to observe the detectives focused on the scores of abandoned mines and deep caves. police are searching mines for this one, this goes straight back horizontally 20 to 30 feet but there are a lot of mines out here that drop straight down. throughout the investigation, authorities have pointed to her
9:05 am
husband as a person of interest. josh powell has denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance and moved to seattle with the couple's children. late yesterday he talked with cbs affiliate kyra in seattle. >> i got the impression they were talking about going down there and looking in a hotel or an apartment or something. >> reporter: but police charge he has not been talking straight to them. >> dealing with a lot of uncooperative behavior from josh powell. he has not come forward and is not cooperative with police. >> reporter: tomorrow police expect to be back out here again indicating that for at least now this vast area may offer major clues in their quest to figure out what happened to susan powell. chris jones for cbs news nevada. congresswoman gabrielle giffords now knows who died in the shooting rampage that left her seriously wounded. she's known for a while six people died not knowing they included a top aide, a close friend and 9-year-old girl. her family wanted to wait until
9:06 am
she recovered from her own injuries. she only knew about the deaths at all because she read it in a newspaper over her husband's shoulder. a spokeswoman tells the "arizona republic" newspaper giffords was deeply saddened by the news. we are mourning the death of a former colleague at cbs news this morning. lane venardo died in hawaii. he was executive producer of the "cbs evening news" and vice president for hard news and executive producer of "survivor" and "the biggest loser" winning 13 emmy awards. we here remember his larger than life personality and great sense of humor. lane venardos was 67 years old. it's about six minutes after the hour. time now for another check of the weather with lonnie. >> elaine, thanks very much. good morning, and good morning everybody. here are the weather headlines. are we in the midst of the wettest august in new york city ever? is that a possibility? yes, it is. we need 1.5 inches in central
9:07 am
park to set that record. not going to see that today, possibly tomorrow. the heat bubble is back in texas and oklahoma. it retreated for a day or so. not today, 100 degrees out there and stormy in the center of the country. when i say the center of the country i literally mean, it was like pin the tail on the donkey. the center of the country, the storm system pushing through that area. it will be a rough go for waterloo, up to grand rapids, chicago as well. heavy ,, >> this weather segment sponsored by tums, fight heartburn fast.
9:08 am
>> enjoy your day, everybody. rebecca, over to you. police on the caribbean island of aruba are still gathering evidence against gary giordano. aruba are still they believe he killed robyn gardner more than two weeks ago. her body still has not been recovered and cbs news correspondent kelly cobiella has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: aruban investigators postponed a massive island wide search for robyn gardner saying they needed more time to prepare. it's been 18 days since the 35-year-old vanished. investigators believe gardner is dead, and that her travel companion, gary giordano is responsible. the two arrived on the island july 31st for a five-day getaway, after meeting online. giordano claims they went snorkeling august 2nd off baby beach and strong currents swept gardner out to sea, yet the waters were calm that day and no one remembers seeing gardner at the beach. her ex-boyfriend doesn't buy giordano's explanation. >> i just don't think that she was snorkeling.
9:09 am
i feel in my heart that something happened at this person's hands. >> reporter: just two days after he reported her missing, giordano reportedly tried to cash in on a $1.5 million insurance policy he took out on gardner before the trip. the investigation has extended all the way back to giordano's maryland home where fbi agents executed a search warrant one week ago. giordano is being held in aruba while prosecutors try to build a case against him. so far the evidence is slim. investigators found explicit pictures of gardner on giordano's camera but little else. they plan to release a photo of the couple's rental car in hopes someone remembers seeing the two together. >> joining us now is beth karas, correspondent for "in session" on trutv. great to have you with us. giordano takes out a $1.5 million insurance policy ahead
9:10 am
of the trip. is that a motive? it looks suspicious. >> the police are definitely looking at it but it's not suspicious to take out travel insurance. that's what this was, and the accidental death benefit, $1.5 million through american express is the maximum, he could have taken out $2 million or $3 million, but he took out $1.5 million, not the maximum. what's suspicion is two days after she's reported missing and the reporting of her being missing alone is suspicious because he didn't do it immediately is that he's inquiring about the benefits on august 4th. the police are still looking for her. he's still in aruba and talking to them as though, she's dead and he wants to start the process of collecting benefits or making inquiries. >> why would an honest person totally broken up about the individual go and start to claim benefits on an insurance policy. >> correct, there's time to do it. you don't need to do it within less than 48 hours, been about
9:11 am
36 hours since she was reported missing when he's making the inquiries. >> speaking of time the amount of time that giordano can be detained is limited here. >> yes. >> is that an issue? >> he hasn't been charged with the crime. the system is different there. they followed dutch law and he can be held on suspicion, but they have to bring charges within a certain amount of time. applications can be made to a judge to extend it which was what was done on monday to extend another 16 days. they have until august 31st and they can go another 60 days or so after that. they're hoping to filed some sort of charges, that's my understanding, if they get that additional 60-day extension, looking at a couple more months. >> that's the only suspect in this case at this point. what do investigators need? >> you want the body, you need to find her dead or alive but without that, doesn't mean they don't have a case, because cases are built all the time, circumstantial evidence case.
9:12 am
you can prosecute without a body assuming she's dead and they do believe she is. they can talk to anybody who has had contact with them on the island, they've searched his home, they have to see what kind of preparations he make. did he premeditate this if it's a murder by taking out the life insurance policy, he made statements to other women wanting to take the daughter of a woman who was a model to aruba, this isn't a natalee holloway situation, this is a situation reminiscent of knot lee holloway's death. people who last saw them at the restaurant where they were until 4:00 p.m. that day, they're searching for her clothing, blood, any type of forensic evidence, her hair, dna in her room that they shared isn't unusual, she stayed in the room but the source of the dna could be. >> beth karas we appreciate your
9:13 am
insight. >> my pleasure. >> here's russ. up next we'll talk about food prices, change directions, they are soaring, and we'll show you how to keep everything from grains to eggs fresher longer. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ i can run just like the wind [ female announcer ] only kleenex® brand has sneeze shield in all its tissues to help catch sneezes in their tracks sneeze shield your kids wherever they go. now in new convenient on-the-go packs. you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. whoo! uh-oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are. and now she's made us breakfast. uh-oh. ♪ [ male announcer ] eggo nutri-grain waffles.
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9:16 am
food prices skyrocketed last month and are now almost 4% higher than last year at this time. a report says americans throw away 150 billion pounds of food each year, that averages out to about $1,300 in spoiled food per family. joining us now tips in how to keep your food fresh longer, lisa lee freeman, editor of "shop smart" magazine. >> good morning, russ. >> we have pasta, flour, cereal. what's the first thing one should do? >> bugs and moisture are the big one. you want to keep the air out, put them in air tight contain
9:17 am
containers. the packages often let air in. that's your big concern or plastic bags. >> let's say we do this, everything we're supposed to do. how much longer can we keep this? >> pasta in a container can last up to a year or longer and flour, six to eight months and crackers and cereal, two to three months maximum. >> let's move on to bread. when you get bread, bring it home, refrigeratorefrigerator, worst thing you can do, it sucks out the moisture and makes it go bad fast. suck out all of the air in the bag, put it on the counter for a couple of days and then after that, go right into the freezer, and in the freezer it can last in good condition for a few months. >> the freezer? >> yes, take it out and toast it and it tastes very lovely. >> interesting. my grandmother used to do that all the time. when you put it in the p
9:18 am
refrigerator, but it doesn't taste as good. >> it picks up the tastes, onions, it picks up the flavors so never put your bread in the refrigerato refrigerator. >> this is better if you have a glass, air tight container, put coffee in a cool, dry place. the enemy of coffee is air, and when you grind it, there's more surface air, it gets even more air so it goes bad even faster. you want to grind and go. grind as you go. so only grind as you drink it. you know how people say you want to have a fresh cup of coffee? fresh is only going to last even if you buy beans only a few weeks after you buy it. after that, it will be good but not going to taste as fresh. >> in the container, what is the advantage in terms of life? >> it will last a few weeks at least and what you want to do. you the it in the freezer and it
9:19 am
will give a few more weeks of fresh tasting flavor. >> all right, let's talk about staples of home, potatoes and onions. >> a lot of people put these in the refrigerator, a big mistake. potatoes and onions go in a cool, dark place in an open bin. the other trick don't put the potatoes and onions together because the onions make the potatoes taste terrible. you put it in the fridge the potatoes suck up the odors. the onions last a week and potatoes a month. >> wax paper for the cheese? >> cheese needs to breathe. soft cheeses aren't going to last very long but you extend the life putting them in wax paper letting them breathe. >> and refrigerators come with nifty container, leave it in the
9:20 am
carton. >> leave the eggs in the container in dark back of the fridge in the colde esest sectif the fridge and get three to five weeks. >> lisa freeman, thanks much as always. up next, "trend benders" could there be a new pippa? a bridesmaid that could steal pippa's spotlight. his stimulant medicine was helping, but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine and added nonstimulant intuniv to his treatment plan. [ male announcer ] for some children like eric, adding once-daily nonstimulant intuniv to their stimulant has been shown to provide additional adhd symptom improvement. don't take if allergic to intuniv, its ingredients, or taking other medicines with guanfacine, like tenex. intuniv may cause serious side effects, such as low blood pressure, low heart rate, fainting, and sleepiness.
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9:23 am
this morning on "trend benders" movie, the smell and her royal hotness has royal competition. here is mahee coughlin. >> thanks so much for having hee. >> i'm wearing the big glasses because movies have gone from 3-d to 4-d, they move the glasses but what's the father d? >> aroma scope. a card like this. the first movie is spy kids 4-d. kids will flap on their glasses, take the aroma scope, the number
9:24 am
comes up, scratch the card and they'll smell what's going on. >> you have to see the number on the screen so it works. >> it's a multistep process. it is a little too confusing for people like myself. >> what's making new ways in clout? >> clout is a way to measure your influence on the internet. anything from facebook to four square and tells you who is retweeting your tweets and how engaged your audience is. >> how important is your twitter or your facebook following in measuring your clout and by the way we should mention this is klout with a "k."
9:25 am
>> not kardashian though. let's talk high klout scores. >> lady gaga. justin bieber has a perfect score. barack obama, leader of the free world lagging behind justin bieber. >> that's a little scary. i'm curious to know about my klout. i'm always interested. i'm totally interested. >> you're 56 so you do have users who are engaged with you. there's your little graph. >> okay. >> because you are a reporter, topics that you cover like the economy, you'll see spikes in. >> okay. >> august 6th you had a great day because you were discussing the debt ceiling, huge news on social media. >> a good day for me, bad day
9:26 am
for lawmakers. >> kardashians, big wedding day is coming up and there's a fear little kendall is stealing the show. >> kardashians, they do everything big. kim is getting married today and there's rumor kendall who is 15, she's a model, she might steal the spotlight and could kendall be the next pippa? >> okay, that's a question. out of curiosity, how big is this wedding going to be and is kendall, do you really think she has a shot at a 15-year-old level of stealing kim's thunder? >> kendall is beautiful, but i don't think anyone tops kim kardashian. i don't think anyone especially her sister is going to overdo her on her big day. >> thank you for bringing your fun treats along. we'll have some super secret
9:27 am
details of kim kardashian's big hollywood wedding in a moment. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. the sun is sticking around for this one, russ. >> that is central park west, legendary dakota apartment building. i'm russ mitchell. >> england may have prince william and kate. we have reality royalty. today the crowned princess is getting married. kim kardashian is tying the knot to new jersey nets basketball star chris humphreys. their we had something very secret but in true kardashian fashion rumor has it, it's over the top expensive, a tv special and we have tv insider details.
9:31 am
they get the title of wow! i duped the american people for paying attention to me. if your kids are heading off to college soon it could be a blessing in disguise because you'll be alone with your spouse for the first time in years. we have great advice how to rekindle the romance that you had before the kids grew up. >> and chef bobby owns two restaurants in los angeles, he is our "chef on a shoestring" this morning. he'll prepare a three-course italian inspired meal under $40. lonnie quinn for our final check of the weather. >> did you say chef fabio? i can't believe it's not butter! this is what i have the northeast, enjoy today. tomorrow is not looking so good for you. of course yesterday you had a terrible day. for the southern plains the 100-degree temperatures are back today and going to be with you all of next week and in belize,
9:32 am
got to get ready for a landfall today. tropical storm harvey out there right now moving parallel offshore of honduras. belize will have landfall, maximum winds 60 miles an hour, a lot of rain will pose a problem. i want to talk more about the tropics outside of the caribbean islands. we see hispaniola and the cluster of clouds, miami, florida. all i'm saying, no name, no number but the national hurricane center says keep your eye on that, this time next week it could pose a problem for the coastline of florida. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
9:33 am
all right, everybody, this morning i'm going back to my roots getting my irish on for the shout out and the shout out goes to milwaukee, they're having their annual irish festival, they're singing, there's dancing, bands, food and of course, there are pipers and irish dancers, so if you are nearby, check it out, a lot of fun. i'll ask you to take the umbrella with you because you had strong storms yesterday around green bay, they will be out there today so be prepared for that. we'd like to thank everybody for watching "the early show" on cbs 58 in milwaukee. rebec rebecca, over to you. >> lonnie, thanks so much. in a few hours the other wedding of the year begins and it could be even bigger than prince william and kate, the princess of reality tv, kim kardashian will tie the knot in a ceremony that has been shrouded in secrecy. joining us with secrecy is jeuue
9:34 am
damm of "us" magazine. >> everybody is excited about this wedding because you know it's going to be extravagant. you want to see what she's going to wear, who is performing, who is going to show up. it is hollywood's wedding of the year. >> break the details for us, julie. >> we know she is getting married at a profit estate outside of l.a., a $30 million estate, it's a beautiful place. >> $30 million. >> there's going to be about 500 guests, and she is expected to wear a couple of different dresses because it's standard in hollywood. >> do we know the designer? >> vera wang made at least one of them, even more. it's standard for a hollywood bride to change at least once, but it's kim, expect two are three. >> there are changes to the guest least, at least that's what some reporters are speculating, people were
9:35 am
uninvited from this affair. >> there are so many stories, there's so much speculation, speculation about that, speculation about how much money that the wedding cost and how many dresses, all of that stuff but we do know there are about 500 guests and very big names among them. >> like who? >> we have eva longoria, ryan seacrest, the williams sisters. >> what about donald trump? his name always comes up somehow and it came up here, too. >> apparently he was invited but had another engagement, he had to go play golf and sometimes you have to send your regrets. >> this is going to be massive. the girl already has a 20 carat engagement ring, so it goes pretty far when it comes to the wedding. is she a bridezilla here? >> she comes she's been very calm and had a good time
9:36 am
planning this beautiful perfect wedding. it is going to be an amazing wedding. >> chris humphreys and kim, how did they meet in the first place? >> they met back in december. they started dating. she has dated a number of athletes before but she says sometimes you just know this one is the one. after six months of dating he proposed. >> this is turns out to be a reality tv special. they'll get hours upon hours of actual show coverage out of this. >> yes. >> how much money do they end up making off of this wedding? >> it will be a two-night special on e! in october, chasing every bit of the actual planning. kim lives her life on tv, a reality star so of course she'll have her wedding on television. >> is it possible you could spend millions of dollars on a wedding and make money on it in the end? does vera wang give her the
9:37 am
dress? >> she did her sister's wedding as well and there's a long relationship and whatever the relationship is -- >> julie, we appreciate it. coming up next, kids heading off to college, got an empty nest? we have expert advice on how to reignite the passion on your wedding night all those years ago. they can hit you year round... indoors or out. [ sniffles ] oh to have relief. prescription nasonex is clinically proven to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms... including congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. [ female announcer ] side effects may include headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, and coughing. infections of the nose and throat and eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. slow wound healing may occur, so do not use nasonex until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections.
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a lot of kids will be heading off to college, soon. for their parents a lot of mixed emotions. they're happy for their kids, sad because the house will be empty and scared because they're alone with their spouse for the first time in years and they have to rekindle that romance. >> here with advice on how to ignite those passions our relationship experts matt titus and cooper lawrence. matt titus is the author of "why hasn't he called." great to have both of you with us. i remember my parents dropping me off at college and my mom had tears in her eyes, my dad looked at me and went home and had a kids are gone kegger, they literally had a party. why does the dynamic change after the kids go to school? >> because you're immediately shifting your current roles from parents to husband and wife again and the children have provided a buffer for a very long time and becoming reacquainted is not that easy. >> cooper do men and women handle this differently? >> it's fascinating, because
9:41 am
women are the caretakers and can't take it and the kids are gone but research shows the opposite that women are more better prepared for their kids to leave emotionally because the kids have gotten old. it's not like you're letting a 3-year-old go somewhere and my god my little baby. the kids have been out of the house with friends and the mothers are used to it. the fathers are having more of an emotional attachment thinking of themselves all things they did not do with their kids, i didn't do this and that and now they're off to college. did i prepare them? that's what the research shows. >> they have to pay attention to their wives and they're scared. they haven't done that in a long time. studies have recently shown that people as the parents get older and -- as the children get older the parents start to actually reacquaint while they're there, and the marriage actually gets better when the kids leave. >> kids aren't good for marriage basically. that's what research has shown.
9:42 am
>> do you look at this as a chance to work on the marriage and how do you start that conversation about bringing the romance back? >> a lot of times you don't have to. just like your parents have a kegger, my guess is they also had a lot of sex that weekend. >> cooper! >> okay. >> that's pretty gross. >> that's the point it's not gross. they're not just parents, they're people, human beings and that's what happens. a lot of couples say to themselves, woohoo! they're gone and they get a chance to do something they haven't had a chance to do, vacation, getting out for periods of time, going somewhere for a month. >> it's the time to do things you never were able to do, and it's a reacquaintance, period, time to get to know each other and live your life and love each other like you haven't been able to do. >> do a lot of husband and wives panic, say to ourselves, this is it. >> the way in which you don't panic, you stick with the routines you normally had. the worst thing you can do. we're going to spend the day
9:43 am
together. both people probably want to kill themselves. it's awful. don't. he should have his hobbies, go to work, she should do what she does and the special time they have will be less interrupted, it will be a little bit more stress-free, because the children aren't there. >> talk to other empty nest couples, how are you experiencing it? you don't feel you're isolated experiencing this by yourself. because you know that you have other people around you, and the support system actually makes the transition much easier. >> there is strength in numbers. >> the children act as buffers for a long time. you don't know your spouse. and don't change the dynamic because that will freak everybody out. >> would you recommend if people are feeling awkward would you recommend counseling even after multiple years of a relationship that seemed like it was working with the kids at home? >> it's always a good idea. it's really about can you communicate with your spouse the same way you once were able to. a lot of people put their relationship on the back burner when there's kids around. >> don't go to counseling until there's a problem. don't try to fix something when
9:44 am
it's not broken, rebecca. you're such a woman. >> just go out, have fun, try to live your lives the same way you did? >> it's a different environment. pay attention to each other. i think the issue, let it alone. leave it how it was. >> but it's really important as an individual to find exciting things to do. if you're an exciting individual, you're exciting in a relationship. >> can the kids buy the kegger? >> don't worry, they're doing that plenty. >> stay away from the parents. >> let them be independent. sorry to tell you, your parents have sex. >> thanks, cooper, i really appreciate it. i'm going to go wash my mind out now. thank you to both of you. coming up next, a dessert to make your mouth water, chocolate bacon muffins, prepared by bobby olivatti, right here cooking with us on cbs.
9:45 am
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9:48 am
l.a., fabio vivani, owner and executive xef, author of some best selling cookbooks, you may remember him as fan favorite of season five of ba voe's "top chef" this morning he'll prepare a three course italian meal on a shoe string budget of under $40. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me here. lots of good things bring me to new york, we have two big events with these special occasions here. with the budget we still can do a fashionable event. we're taking the feast or fashion budget that we'll introduce on the market the new reserve classic of the margherita. we have a couple of amazing dishes and the chance to have them home for a budget. >> molto bene, is that what it you would say? >> that's something you would say in italy 100%. >> let's cook.
9:49 am
>> we have a souffle, sometimes it's scary, people are afraid of a souffle but we can do some with very different technique. we can get this done. we have some eggs. >> put it in the fwleblender. >> we're about doing simple stuff. two cheeses. >> what kind of cheese we have. >> we have cheddar cheese and parmesan. we have the one already baking in the oven. >> um-hum. so you would blend this up. >> pretty much, yes. >> put it in the bowl and pop it in the oven. how long do you blend nd? >> you blend it until it's completely mixed. >> and how long is it in the oven and what temperature. >> it has to look like this one. oven changes from home to home, so it has to be nice and fluffy. check this out. >> you use the look method, is that what we're talking about? >> it's always very good. once the souffle is like that,
9:50 am
this is good. >> okay. >> please, i will love you for that. >> i am definitely going to try this souffle. it's very warm right now. should you eat it when it's this hot? >> you should eat it when it's hot, but. >> mmm. >> it's nice and hot. >> so good. >> we have another amazing dish, and the good things is that sometimes also what you can do to elevate and take a budget meal to the next step is to pair food with wine. >> ahh, yes. >> very important. >> what is this food? >> we have a new york steak. new york is not a cheap cut of meat but you save a little bit less of portion. >> it goes a little farther. >> you can still stretch it. i'm caramelizing shallots. we have arugula, garbonzo beans,
9:51 am
pomegranate, and lime, these are things that you can do with a budget and all these dishes, they pair. i'm italian so i cook it -- >> you love your wine. >> i cook italian food and drink italian wine and all these dishes pair really well. in this country the idea of cianti is more for pizza and pasta but it's an amazing wine that elevates the flavor of everything you pair. >> fabio, you're so excited about cianti. how long are we cooking the meat? >> cooking to medium rare but we already have one cooked. it's a little hot so you have to be careful. the meat is simple salt and pepper and put it on the searing pan and that's the outcome. slice it thin like we said. >> very thin.
9:52 am
>> a little bit goes a long way. >> as you slice it thin you're not even putting necessarily any dressing on this. you just have it on your salad, waiting for it? >> correct. a simple salt and pepper. we toss the salad with a seasoning, olive oil, lemon and lime juice, some acidity. if you want we can add salt and pepper. >> and you have your shallots over here, something you're adding as well. >> correct. we display the steak. >> you put, i thought you were going to put it on top. you put it down first. >> correct. then we come over here, we get some salad. and then again, presentation can change. >> sure. >> but you want to do something pretty special. >> i want to make sure we get to these bacon chocolate muffins. how do they come together? >> bacon and chocolate,
9:53 am
something everybody loves. chocolate butter and bacon, something everybody loves. >> in addition to easy, the name of the game here is "chef on a shoestring," we want to know how you did in terms of price. are you curious? >> absolutely. eggs and flour and cheese, it's very simple, the recipe you can really do with a budget of $40. >> you did it at $36.22. >> look at that. that's got to be -- >> number two on the leaderboard. are you excited? you're number two. >> i would rather be number one but that's okay. as long as we fit in the budget we're good. >> good deal. find the recipes at >> with the wine you will be number one. you're number one. >> we can move it around. chef vivani, thank you so much. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. great work. thank you. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities.
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tomorrow on a very special "cbs news sunday morning" anthony mason interviews president barack obama, plus
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ryan seacrest. >> don't miss out on tonight's "evening news" with russ,,,,,,,,
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